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See exactly what nonprofits need and why they need it. Through itemized lists, you can choose cash or physical gifts to give, then keep track of all your generous donations.

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It’s easy - find a cause you love, see what they need, and give what you can! Whether you’re looking to help overseas or in your backyard, there’s a nonprofit that cares about the same things you do, and needs your support.


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Put your money towards a specific expense. No surprises. Just transparency on the ongoing cost of doing good things

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Prefer to do the shopping? Pick an item from the wishlist and ship it directly to your chosen nonprofit.


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Already have something in need? Give your items a new purpose by shipping or dropping them off.

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Winifred Rush, USA, Giftlab donor

“As a conscientious citizen of the planet, I love that Giftlab provides me with exceptional transparency, allowing me to make informed donations to nonprofits and teams whose work I believe in.”

Callie Veelenturf, USA, The Leatherback Project

“I’m stoked about working with the Giftlab for my project needs. The listing process is much faster than traditional grant writing and doesn’t create much extra work for us. We’re excited about the transparency of this process as well as the opportunity to share what we do with the donor community.”

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